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Quarrel - it's good


quarreling. in our lives are normal. Every day a lot of people swear, or tolerate. Let's turn our attention to you on this phenomenon in human life, as. quarrel.

You may seem a little title a provocation, but sometimes it is so. I propose first to consider why there. quarreling. (do not cause. quarrels. And the nature of their occurrence ).

Nature of. quarrels. lies in the fact that a person accumulates a negative, that will eventually have to throw out. Why did he accumulate? .

The most common negative splashed on others - this is a major component. quarreling. , But rather its beginning. The man - a very emotional animal because this animal is useful to throw out their emotions out, otherwise these emotions in large quantities can lead to various psychological or physical problems. These problems are beginning to make progress and lead to complete loss of balance in humans.

You may ask: ' Why. quarrel. - Is it good? '. My answer is simple - a protective reaction to the outer film, which eventually accumulates in the human. However, in. brawl. There is also a downside. I have already said that the film is passed from person to person, because the initiator. quarreling. distributes its film in different proportions, not only to all participants. quarreling. But also on foreign visitors. Thus, the initiator returns a internal comfort due to the fact that it deprives others. A very good example are the various political programs, which broadcast policy and emit negative swear not only to sit in the hall of audience, but also in the audience.

When a person is ' ripe for. quarreling. ' Cause may be a mere formality, more importantly find it much more comfortable because we know that the reason was the same - it will help us get rid of the excuses in the future.

I'm not saying that the only way to be negative. quarrel. This is not the case, there is much more harmless ways. However, I would argue that all methods are good when you need to release all that boiling. Conversely, bad, when the body is not fighting - this is a sign of his lack of ' immunity ' against negative emotions. It should also be noted -. quarreling. useful in reasonable quantities in a reasonable, if the number of. quarrels. per unit time exceeds the limit for one person - it is also an indication of deviation from the norm.

Good luck, and let the harmony and inner balance ever you do not leave!.

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