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UFO Crash in Kyrgyzstan

Chief among them - where to evaporate huge UFO. , Collapsed to the Tomb of the devil? . Scientists are still scratching their heads, which could disappear great device cracked in the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. More recently, Russian ufologists have spent several expeditions. Provided data and progress reports excite growing interest in the mystical incident.
August 28, 1991 on the Mangyshlak Peninsula in air was recorded giant radar apparatus, which appeared virtually out of nothing. Object moved to the southeast of the Caspian Sea, not responding to requests for military. The length of the object was about 600 meters and a diameter of about 110 meters. The height of the UFO was flying about 6,500 feet, the rate of about 10 000 km / h. Operators send inquiries, but the answer was never given. Many operators could only guess that this is a UFO. After a few minutes to be safe, they turned to the issue of unplanned launch missiles in a Cosmodrome Kapustin Yar. However, the launch site, as it turned out, did not produce any runs, and has a strange object zapelengovav also led him to observe.

Immediate information was transmitted in the Caspian part of the defense. Just four fighters from the two airports rose into the air and headed toward the object. Was set clear and specific mission: to recognize that for an object flying over the coast of the Aral Sea and make it to land at a specified airport, and if you fail to shoot to kill. Everything went according to plan, pilots clearly saw the object, trying to establish contact with him, sent an order to land, but by a UFO there was no reaction.

Later, the pilots were told that the form of the object looked like a huge cigar, or a big balloon with a dull body, from which no light is reflected. Front on both sides had two portholes, and the tail was painted with some green icons. UFO was moving calmly and confidently, without showing any aggression.

Command airfield held an emergency briefing, which developed a plan for further action. In order to make the balloon an unknown land, it was decided to open fire along its motion. To do this, the fighters were to be attached on both sides of the UFO, moving next to him, shoot a gun. So it did, the fighters approached the UFO for 800 yards and prepared for surgery.

However, the planned operation is ended, and it began. As soon as the fighters tried to fly up to an object closer than 500 meters, all of their radios and weapons immediately soured. And an unidentified flying object in the meantime made ​​a few twisting motions, and within minutes scored just unreal fantastic speed of 30 000 km / h to 70,000 km / h. And it was recorded by several radars at different locations. And a few minutes later the object disappeared altogether from the radar screens.

But the story did not end.
In 1991, rumors spread that the gorge Shaitan Mazar crashed UFO huge. The researcher Emil Bachurin gathered a group of researchers from the tracking station for the unidentified flying objects, and went in search of places and objects of the accident. But due to unfavorable weather conditions in the mountains, they could not get to your destination, and were forced to go back. Then, in order to collect the remains of a UFO, this place was sent to a military helicopter that crashed in a completely mysterious reasons.

Research Station in Kazakhstan began preparing a new expedition to the accident.
Two research teams have been delivered to the crash site and began its ascent into the mountains. As the researchers approached the unidentified object, they felt more and more strange sensations. For example, some have appeared an indescribable feeling of anxiety and fatigue, while others fear, depression and weakness. The closer the UFO became, the more instruments recorded excessive static electricity, so the hair in the full sense of the word stood on end.

Soon themselves gauges broke down and gave incorrect results. At a distance of 1.5 kilometers to determine the azimuth and the size of a UFO with imported devices, researchers were not able to. Compasses were behaving strangely enough. Their magnetic needle talked about what a UFO is oriented from north to south, but in reality orientation was east-west.

Another great place to hell magnetometers. At a distance of about 800 meters from the object, they showed that the magnetic field at a given location there are no. This was confirmed by the study of rock samples taken near the UFO, which were completely demagnetized. What was the cause of demagnetization? .

In addition to the above-described poor, yet all the electronic clock began to show on their dials zero at a distance of about a mile from the property. A mechanical clock showed every time. Yes, and the remaining sensors are out of order.

Use a crystal oscillator failed. Trying to capture everything I saw in the photo or video have not been successful, because the whole film ultimately proved to be illuminated.
Let's all try to understand as to what had really happened to this mysterious object? . On the trail left by a huge concluded that after hitting the object is sliding on a flat rock platform more than a kilometer. Two nearly equal in size vessel fragments suggest, that the most likely explosion in the center of the ship.

Inside the UFO researchers explicitly examined the multilayered structure and the supporting frames. Who or what drove the ship remains a mystery. Were the aliens aboard a UFO, or they ran computer programs? .

With regard to its origin, in this regard expressed a variety of assumptions. Starting with the hypothesis that the balloon suffered an accident, who worked on nuclear fuel, ending the theory of the failure of the international launch of the new space devices. While researchers have continued to painstakingly gather information and study data obtained, Russian media have remained silent about this strange event in the Tien Shan Mountains.

Seven years after the incident, Nikolay Subbotin and his research team once again went to a scientific expedition to the mountains. But at the crash site they got a nasty surprise - made ​​such a noise unidentified flying object simply vanished! . All gauges working with excellent accuracy, contrary to the information of previous expeditions in 1991. Scientists suspect that at the crash site was visited and took pieces of military UFO, do not forget to destroy all traces of. Subbotin and his team have been raised several times in the air and made strange pictures and video lines, which were similar to the airfield for a landing strip.
What we end up? . Wreckage of a spacecraft there, any anomalies with the measuring instruments were found, no obvious signs of decline. Is that burns on the right hand of Emile Bachurina that he received during that strange expedition in 1992.
The very same ' Tomb of the devil ' has always been a place for enjoying an evil reputation among the locals. Perhaps this is an ulterior motive?.

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